Buffet Approdo Trieste

About Us

Since 1993

L’Approdo was set up in November 1993 thanks to Paolo and Anna and to their parents’ precious cooking flair.

This flourishing family run business is based on genuine values: traditional cuisine, high quality staple foods, a cheering home environment, hospitable reception and pleasant ways of the owners.

Anna and her mother Loredana take charge of the kitchen and together with Maura prepare lucious traditional dishes whilst Paolo, helped by Caio and Kristjan in the dining room, masterly takes care of his clients suggesting the cellar selection that features Franciacorta and the best Reserve.

The cuisine

Besides our “Coda alla Vaccinara” (oxtail stew), typical Roman dish that boasts a Gambero Rosso acknowledgement, Anna and Paolo will make you taste a day-to-day different meals: on Tuesdays “Trippa Triestina” (Trieste-style tripe), on Thursdays “Fegato alla Veneziana” (Venetian-style liver), on Fridays fish reigns supreme, while Saturday comes with “Stinco” (pork shin), of which the Triestines are very fond of!

Keep in your mind that dishes called “Caldaia” (traditional cooking kettle) can be ordered every day, except on Fridays, and that is such a blaze of smoked and stewed pork meat and sausages served with fresh radish, mustard and the famous sauerkraut called “capuzi” in Trieste.

For those who like cold cuts, a wide choice of products from Jolanda de Colò selection are proposed: Spalla cotta Mangalica (Mangalitsa pork shoulder roasts), Lardo Magro (a type of streaky lard), Guanciale (cheek streaky bacon), roasted Pancetta, Salami punta di coltello.

The wine cellar

Paolo offers a range of local wines that can be served both in bottle or by the glass while for beer lovers he suggests the excellent Bavarian Augustiner draught.

But L’Approdo’s cellar offers also an accurate selection of Franciacorta coming from the best Italian wineries: Cà del Bosco, Bellavista, Monterossa and Derbusco.

Fancy tasting the best Reserve? Come to L’Approdo, it’s the perfect place for you!